Cricket Quiz Win Prizes: Exercise for brain, money for your pocket

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Die hard Cricket fans love taking cricket quiz. What if in addition to improving your brain and keeping up to date with cricket you are offered prizes every month just for taking quiz?

Wow wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Cricket Quiz Win Prizes does exactly the same. It’s a not a new concept but a new way to keep cricket fans entertained.

Cricket Quiz Win Prizes

It’s a very simple web app and concept is also not too difficult to understand. All you need to do is to register on the web app and start taking quiz. You get 5 free questions when you join after that you have to purchase questions. At the end of month top 3 players are offered prizes.

Launched just 2 months back this web app is already create a storm in cricket fans specially Indian fans who just love cricket stats and being challenged on anything cricket.

As per the owners of this app, prize money will keep increasing every month. In fact the more you play the more prize money will be offered. They put earnings from the app back into the prize pool.

At the moment only top 3 are offered prizes which will be extended to top 5 and more.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to register and check out yourself.

The owners have kindly agreed to share one question for our reader, here you go. I challenge you to answer this one without Googling or looking in Wiki..

India's lowest total in World Cup Cricket


4 responses to “Cricket Quiz Win Prizes: Exercise for brain, money for your pocket”

  1. Kishan Avatar

    it’s 127

  2. manish Avatar

    sir when you are launching mobile app?

  3. Subaramaniya kishore Avatar
    Subaramaniya kishore

    It’s 125 runs against Australia in 2003 world cup

  4. It would be great to have the quizzes on a mobile app platform!

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