Most Number of Test Cricket Defeats in the Last Four Years

Indian Cricket Team

Teams which have suffered the most numbers of losses in Test cricket from the period of January 2008 – January 2012.

What does India do from here?

Indian team is bold out in the Australian tour

The future of Indian cricket for sure is in jeopardy, after losing seven Tests in a row away from home.

Top 10 Tallest Cricket Players of All Time

Mohammad Irfan - The Tallest Cricket Player

Cricket has always known to be a contest between bat & ball. However, there have been those fair few who have had an increased advantage. Here is a compilation of some of the tallest cricketers to have played the game; it is no co-incidence that most of these are fast bowlers.

Sydney Test – India’s Marks

Gautam Gambhir

For MS Dhoni and co., the SCG loss is their sixth one on the trot away from home and India are trailing 0-2 in the 4 match series against Australia. Like in Melbourne, Sydney too was a disaster with a nothing performance to watch.