ICC, Nupur Mehta denied match fixing in ICC World Cup 2011 semi final

The game of cricket which is supposed to be nobleman’s game has taken a u turn as book makers have taken over and lately, a Bollywood star, Nupur Mehta has been accused of being involved in  match fixing as claimed by an English newspaper, the ‘Sunday Times’.

Nupur Mehta photo was published in the Sunday Times of London with the match fixing story
Nupur Mehta photo was published in the Sunday Times of London with the match fixing story

The cricket lovers are glued with TV sets and quite a few of them go to the venues to witness the match live but the match/spot fixing has ruined their interest in the game. There has been a lot of involvement of  beauties in cricket and some of them are  owners in the Indian Premier League,  Preity Zinta is commanding Kings XI Punjab and Shilpa Shetty has business affairs with Rajasthan Royals.

The latest wave of corruption in the game was highlighted by ‘Sunday Times’ which revealed that some Indian bookies were exploiting the match fixing by using Indian film star Nupur Mehta who extended lucrative offers to the players.

Some bookies claim that they use beautiful girls who serve drinks to different players at their leisure time. They try to get involved with the players  and persuade them to follow the instructions of the bookies backed by huge money. It is further learned that even the boys carrying the drinks on ground send the players some instructions from the book makers and the fate of the match revolves at their will.

There have been rumours that the semi final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, played between India and Pakistan on March 30, 2011 at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh was also fixed. India scored 260 runs for the loss of nine wickets in the allotted 50 overs and Pakistan was bowled out for 231 runs in 49.5 overs.

The home side won the important match by 29 runs but there have been few speculations as Sachin Tendulkar was dropped at least four times during his innings of 85 and Misbah-Ul-Haq demonstrated a lazy innings of 56 off 76 balls and was the last man to be dismissed.

The ICC chief executive, Haroon Logart has denied the allegations of match fixing in the semi final and confirmed that no investigation was being carried on for that encounter. He commented,

“The story carried by the newspaper, in which it has been claimed that the ICC is investigating the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 semi-final between India and Pakistan, is baseless and misleading. The ICC has no reason or evidence to require an investigation into this match. It is indeed sad for spurious claims to be made which only serve to cause doubt on the semi-final.”

The former captain of India, Sourav Ganguly also negated the reports of match fixing in the semi final and established India as a world champion.

The doll of Bollywood, Nupur Mehta also denied her involvement in any sort of match fixing and has, in fact, threatened the  ‘Sunday Times’ with legal action. The actress also revealed that the picture posted in the paper was from her movie ‘Jo Bole So Nihal’. She expressed her views by saying,

“I have been accused of something that I have not done. All I would say is I am not guilty of any such thing. The picture that they have used was taken during my film, ‘Jo Bole So Nihal.”


3 responses to “ICC, Nupur Mehta denied match fixing in ICC World Cup 2011 semi final”

  1. cricketdawn Avatar

    The newspaper has only said top Bollywood actress and shown a picture of a woman. Nupur Mehta has come out on her own and is giving statements in the press that she is not teh woman..nobody said she was.

    1. Dude!

      That is how they do here in England. They don’t directly mention their names. They show morphed photos in the story or they add a picture next to the story with another story.

      In this way they save their arses just in case they get screwed. They can just walk out of the court stating that they didn’t mention name.

      So it is immaterial if they didn’t mention the name. Sooner or later someone was going to find it out. They love such cock teasing game.

      Got the point?

      Sunday Times is owned by the biggest crook on the planet named Rupert Murdoch and he fucks every one. Tune to the NOTW saga and you will know what is going on there.

      If there was no truth in the story they wouldn’t waste their time and money on such fallen Bollywood actress.

      Remember the trio of Pakistani Cricketers who were jailed? Who broke the news? NOTW. In the beginning all denied the accusations. And at then end of trial they finally got what they deserved.

      In one way or another this girl is totally fucked, it isn’t going to rescue her to secure a deal from Bollywood world. She isn’t beautiful, she hasn’t got any talent. She is just piece of shit and desperate to get attention like a grumpy kid.

  2. Why they don’t crack down on bookmakers? After all they are the real culprit. Girls like Nupur Mehta are just the mole. You get rid of one mole, another will be waiting to replace her. There are millions like Nupur Mehta in India who would happily take this job.

    Think over it, why they don’t go after bookmakers? Are they too powerful? Are they too elusive? Or what?

    To me it seems BCCI and ICC both are also involved in this game. And that is why whenever there is any controversies surrounding match fixing they are the first one to jump out and plead innocence.

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